Sunday, February 13, 2011

R129 Motoring. What's it all about?

Dame! Hot coffee in my lap again!

Frustration tends to lead one too submission or action. As for me, I have never been one to submit, so I set out to protect my family jewels buy creating the first, fully integrated cup holder for the Mercedes Benz R129 SL Roadster.

Why those brilliant designers at Mercedes Benz did not consider the ritualistic habits of the worlds largest automotive consumer market is beyond me. Nonetheless I have to thank them for their oversight, as the cup holder has been a big success in over 12 different countries to date. Many a happy cup owner has emailed me with request and suggestions for other parts for their SL's, and since the recession was pounding my liquidation company into oblivion, I found myself with a little extra time to develop some of these ideals.

All of these ideals were centered around making service, and maintenance of the mighty SL affordable for the person who has worked hard for his money, and does not want to spend it all on unrealistically high maintenance charges of his or her dream car. After all these cars once cost nearly 100,000, and regardless of what year they were made, the cost of servicing them will always rise.

R129 Motoring was created to help the SL owner save a little money in their pocket. Our goal is to provide parts of better quality than OEM, at a price which is more realistic of the item, not the manufactures name. It has been a challenging road building a company in these harsh economic times, and I am appreciative of the many customers who have trusted in us enough to give our parts a try.

We have several new products coming out in 2011 that will surly put a smile on our customers face, so stay tuned.

By: Fred Johnson

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